Pain, physio and Cubital Tunnel.. or not.

I don’t write about my health problems often, not here, on Instagram or Twitter, I guess I figured it’s personal. But then again, how many others are wondering why they hurt too? Back in March last year I started getting sore wrists, I’ve had ganglion cysts before and figured they were coming back, a nuisanceContinue reading “Pain, physio and Cubital Tunnel.. or not.”

Morning Thoughts and Cubital Tunnel

So my plan to clean didn’t quite work, instead of spending an hour on one room I spent the day on one room which I didn’t finish 😂. This happens more than I’d like to admit lol, that said the living room looks better and the kitchen is part way there. If really like aContinue reading “Morning Thoughts and Cubital Tunnel”

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