The Connection Between Sleep Problems and Mental Health – Guest Piece

A massive thank you to Jo Scrivner for writing this guest piece on insomnia and mental health, if you’d like to read more of their work check out Jo’s blog! Sleep disorders are conditions affecting the quality or quantity of your sleep on a regular basis. The symptoms of sleep disorders include: difficulty falling asleepContinue reading “The Connection Between Sleep Problems and Mental Health – Guest Piece”

Poetry – Early Years

I wrote this when my eldest was still tiny, I was struggling with life in generally; feeling overwhelmed, and somehow unwanted, being a mum was hard and I didn’t believe I was capable. There’s a lot of that time I don’t remember, maybe for good reasons. So when I tell you I don’t remember writingContinue reading “Poetry – Early Years”

Pain, physio and Cubital Tunnel.. or not.

I don’t write about my health problems often, not here, on Instagram or Twitter, I guess I figured it’s personal. But then again, how many others are wondering why they hurt too? Back in March last year I started getting sore wrists, I’ve had ganglion cysts before and figured they were coming back, a nuisanceContinue reading “Pain, physio and Cubital Tunnel.. or not.”

7 Ways to be a better you.

We’ve all seen these posts, right? Five ways to be a better person, seven ways to be a better you, or 10 ways to be a better person. Whatever your reason for wanting to try these things it’s important to know what you want to get out of it. I’ve searched these posts many timesContinue reading “7 Ways to be a better you.”

Starting a Blog Fresh for 2019

So apparently I started this blog to go along side my job, I’m a weight loss coach, which I love, but clearly I never got any further than registering. I signed in today not really knowing what to expect, I couldn’t even remember which account was attached to the email. Upon opening the app IContinue reading “Starting a Blog Fresh for 2019”

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The intention of our presence here is not to fulfill expectations. It is to promote questioning and debate. Both of which should be respectful and informed. Learning comes from listening not shouting. Our opinions may not be yours, and that is how it should be.

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