Exhibitions and Competitions

So I was going to write a blog about stress, and I’m still going to – on Friday, but at the moment I am thinking very hard about how to take my photography further. I wanted to join the Improvers group at our local photography club but despite the groups new year starting in SeptemberContinue reading “Exhibitions and Competitions”

Forgive, Forget, Flourish

I recently watched a video about forgiveness, it’s a theme that I have seen time and time again. When I look back over my old social media posts I can see how I used to hold onto grudges, be angry at people or hurt by them for months and it never brought me any comfort.Continue reading “Forgive, Forget, Flourish”

The United Nations of Photography

The intention of our presence here is not to fulfill expectations. It is to promote questioning and debate. Both of which should be respectful and informed. Learning comes from listening not shouting. Our opinions may not be yours, and that is how it should be.

Enter the woo . . .

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Weigh the Difference

The Angry Noodle

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