Lockdown Entertainment – photography

Good morning or afternoon should I say, I don’t know about you but the last 4 weeks or so have been long. And going out has been a real issue. I’m not currently going to go into the difficulties we face at present, I don’t feel capable of writing a blog on how to handleContinue reading “Lockdown Entertainment – photography”

Writing My Journey

Silence for ages and then two posts within a day? Whatever next? As I sit here listening to the sounds of my cat scratching at the window (I’m sure I just let her in!) I’m aware that what I’m pondering is tantamount to a news years resolution, I’m planning my journey, but I will continueContinue reading “Writing My Journey”

Keeping Track of My Miles

I’ve changed the way I’m looking at this challenge because to being with, it just felt daunting. If something is too daunting you’re less likely to stick with it so I’m aiming to do the best I can each week, at least twice a week I will push myself to go over my steps inContinue reading “Keeping Track of My Miles”

Starting a Blog Fresh for 2019

So apparently I started this blog to go along side my job, I’m a weight loss coach, which I love, but clearly I never got any further than registering. I signed in today not really knowing what to expect, I couldn’t even remember which account was attached to the email. Upon opening the app IContinue reading “Starting a Blog Fresh for 2019”

The United Nations of Photography

The intention of our presence here is not to fulfill expectations. It is to promote questioning and debate. Both of which should be respectful and informed. Learning comes from listening not shouting. Our opinions may not be yours, and that is how it should be.

Enter the woo . . .

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Weigh the Difference

The Angry Noodle

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