Boundaries – The Importance of Setting Them.

I’ve recently started my counselling training and this is a subject that came up in the session. I won’t go into detail about my classes, but the topic, that we can definitely go into. What are boundaries?Boundaries are limits we set with the people we interact with, these can be friends, family or co-workers. ExamplesContinue reading “Boundaries – The Importance of Setting Them.”

When Stress Becomes Something More – Work / Job Stress

Over the years I’ve noticed that a lot of people I’ve met have some form of mental health issue, the most common appears to be anxiety. Some might say that this is just because our generation is so “over sensitive” or that ever infuriating term “a snowflake”. Everyone, I’m sure, has their theory on whyContinue reading “When Stress Becomes Something More – Work / Job Stress”

Understanding Music and Mental Health – pre-cursor

Okay people, I know there aren’t many of you following this blog but if you have the time I’d like to ask you a question or two. Recently my daughter got into a discussion with a friend over whether or not depressed people should listen to “depressing” music. Now, personally I find it can haveContinue reading “Understanding Music and Mental Health – pre-cursor”

This is a blog post, sponsored by Chianti wine….

I don’t know what my plan was with writing this, but I wanted to talk to you about dreams. I have dreams, we all do I think, whether we are aware of it or not, I often joke one of mine is to build a hippy commune. Land where people grow their food, live togetherContinue reading “This is a blog post, sponsored by Chianti wine….”

How do you de-stress and relax?

It’s Sunday today, a day we lovingly call PJ Sunday, this is because every other day of the week we have something to do, to sort out, somewhere to go or people to see. Sunday is our day of rest. We aren’t religious, it’s just that as an adult, having spent years whinging as aContinue reading “How do you de-stress and relax?”

The January Plod and it’s endless days

January seems to be a difficult month for so many people, I can’t tell if it’s coincidence or aftermath of Christmas that does it, but it’s definitely an issue and I like to call it the January plod because January feels so very, very long. For those who have struggled financially, the aftermath of ChristmasContinue reading “The January Plod and it’s endless days”

Phone Call Anxiety

I know a lot of people who don’t like making calls, phone call anxiety is the way we describe it, my youngest, who I can hear in the background nattering as we speak, isn’t one of them… but anyway, today’s drawing prompt was rotary phone and I was inspired. How would you draw a rotaryContinue reading “Phone Call Anxiety”

So much for that idea…

1 hour came and went, the living room is done but my daughter has spread her painting stuff across my table so it won’t be finished just yet. Still good to clear the clutter. Clutter is a funny one, some people can manage it, some struggle, some hate it, while others think a room isContinue reading “So much for that idea…”

Starting a Blog Fresh for 2019

So apparently I started this blog to go along side my job, I’m a weight loss coach, which I love, but clearly I never got any further than registering. I signed in today not really knowing what to expect, I couldn’t even remember which account was attached to the email. Upon opening the app IContinue reading “Starting a Blog Fresh for 2019”

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