7 Ways to be a better you.

We’ve all seen these posts, right? Five ways to be a better person, seven ways to be a better you, or 10 ways to be a better person. Whatever your reason for wanting to try these things it’s important to know what you want to get out of it. I’ve searched these posts many timesContinue reading “7 Ways to be a better you.”

You’re doing it wrong.

I’m not normally one for ranting, actually, that’s a lie, I am great at ranting, my kids think it’s hilarious because I get out of my depth and make weird and pointless threats like hanging them on the washing line. Just as a side note we don’t have a washing line and both my kidsContinue reading “You’re doing it wrong.”


I’ve been trying to write a post recently about making excuses but it keeps ending up long winded. We all make them, but no one wants to be told they’re making them. I’ve made them, trying to get healthy, trying to lose weight or trying to keep the house tidy. From reasons to why I’mContinue reading “Excuses”

Short Stories 2019 #1

I love writing stories, so I’m going to write short stories using the same prompts that I’m using to draw. The first one was a teapot, so here we go. The Teapot The teapot glistened on the table in front of her, it’s perfect white curve untarnished except for one small, ruby droplet. “Oops, missedContinue reading “Short Stories 2019 #1”

The January Plod and it’s endless days

January seems to be a difficult month for so many people, I can’t tell if it’s coincidence or aftermath of Christmas that does it, but it’s definitely an issue and I like to call it the January plod because January feels so very, very long. For those who have struggled financially, the aftermath of ChristmasContinue reading “The January Plod and it’s endless days”

Phone Call Anxiety

I know a lot of people who don’t like making calls, phone call anxiety is the way we describe it, my youngest, who I can hear in the background nattering as we speak, isn’t one of them… but anyway, today’s drawing prompt was rotary phone and I was inspired. How would you draw a rotaryContinue reading “Phone Call Anxiety”

Two Birds and a Drawing Challenge

Hey, how’s life treating you today? Someone on my Facebook shared a picture of the local area on this day 2014, it was beautiful, thick with ice but so sparkly. That said, not wishing for ice, as I don’t think I can manage cold lol but it does have a beauty all it’s own. IContinue reading “Two Birds and a Drawing Challenge”

So much for that idea…

1 hour came and went, the living room is done but my daughter has spread her painting stuff across my table so it won’t be finished just yet. Still good to clear the clutter. Clutter is a funny one, some people can manage it, some struggle, some hate it, while others think a room isContinue reading “So much for that idea…”

The First Day of a New Year

I love Christmas but find the limbo between Christmas a new year a real challenge. The one thing I really want to do is move forward so new years day I like to clear the place up. I rarely succeed in actually doing as much as I’d like and with my arms being sore I’mContinue reading “The First Day of a New Year”

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