First impressions

I had a meeting yesterday and it got me thinking, follow this up with a comment on Twitter about my bio and I started to wonder how we form first impressions. I know when meeting face to face that it happens in a split second, 1/20th of a second i think, that may be wrong.Continue reading “First impressions”

Music and Emotions

Music in this household is a necessity, if the world stopped we’d be the ones singing around the campfire trying to keep music alive as best we can. I personally use music to change or feed my mood, to help me sleep or help me concentrate, I have music I clean to (as does myContinue reading “Music and Emotions”

Understanding Music and Mental Health – pre-cursor

Okay people, I know there aren’t many of you following this blog but if you have the time I’d like to ask you a question or two. Recently my daughter got into a discussion with a friend over whether or not depressed people should listen to “depressing” music. Now, personally I find it can haveContinue reading “Understanding Music and Mental Health – pre-cursor”

This is a blog post, sponsored by Chianti wine….

I don’t know what my plan was with writing this, but I wanted to talk to you about dreams. I have dreams, we all do I think, whether we are aware of it or not, I often joke one of mine is to build a hippy commune. Land where people grow their food, live togetherContinue reading “This is a blog post, sponsored by Chianti wine….”

Daily Fail – Don’t be a manrepeller

The Daily Mail strikes again. I don’t normally bother to comment on things like this, quite frankly I prefer to avoid any drama in my online life, as day to day carries plenty of it’s own. Not to mention people behind the keyboard are far more open to abuse, but I have to say, asContinue reading “Daily Fail – Don’t be a manrepeller”

Trying To Motivate Myself

For those of you who know, I’m a WW (formerly Weight Watchers) coach, I’m not working at the moment because I managed to hurt myself, but we’re working on that and I’m hoping to be back at work soon. To be fair, work have been incredibly patient and understanding so I’m looking forward to goingContinue reading “Trying To Motivate Myself”

Approaching other people’s children.

Approaching a child in a public place is something that happens regularly, for both good and bad reasons. There are times when it’s ok (such as when they appear lost or need assistance) and times when it’s not, but what about those less obvious situations? I’m not talking about those clear cut situations when itContinue reading “Approaching other people’s children.”

How do you de-stress and relax?

It’s Sunday today, a day we lovingly call PJ Sunday, this is because every other day of the week we have something to do, to sort out, somewhere to go or people to see. Sunday is our day of rest. We aren’t religious, it’s just that as an adult, having spent years whinging as aContinue reading “How do you de-stress and relax?”

5 Things to Try When Dealing with Teenagers

And preteens can test your patience, we love our kids but they know how to push buttons few other people do. So if you’re trying to be a calmer more at peace person, having a teenager or more than one (😮) can be really stressful. I don’t pretend to know the best way to dealContinue reading “5 Things to Try When Dealing with Teenagers”

Nature Breaking Through

As part of a little challenge for myself I am taking photos of nature bursting through despite our influence. I did the drawing challenge for a little while, and I’m still walking though I confess I haven’t counted up my steps lately or my miles so I will do that tomorrow. The challenge is aimingContinue reading “Nature Breaking Through”

The United Nations of Photography

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