You’re doing it wrong.

I’m not normally one for ranting, actually, that’s a lie, I am great at ranting, my kids think it’s hilarious because I get out of my depth and make weird and pointless threats like hanging them on the washing line. Just as a side note we don’t have a washing line and both my kids are 5ft 6, so that’s not happening. Recently I saw an advert for a wine shop near me that told me I was drinking wine wrong…I put it in a glass, and pour it into my mouth/take a sip then swallow it. Was there more to it than that? Should I slosh it first? I’m pretty sure none of the wines I can afford taste interesting enough that sloshing it around in an oversized glass will help.

doing it wrong

Then I got told I was eating bananas wrong, peel, bite, chew, swallow? Did I somehow get that wrong? And how do they know how I’m eating it!? This isn’t a new phenomenon; blogs, magazines, adverts etc are always telling us how to “catch that man”, “wear the right swimsuit” etc and it only seems to serve one purpose. To sell us something that we apparently need because without it we’re just not good enough.

Don’t get me wrong, if I find something that’s worth buying, I’ll tell you about it (there are red hair dyes in some of the Superdrug stores around the UK that are currently selling at just 45p a box, I’ve bought 8….). But will I tell you that you have to have it? That you need it? That you’re doing it wrong? No, we are incredibly judgemental as a species (I mean dogs might be judging each other on whether they have the latest in leads, or the right coat colour, but I highly doubt it). So what can we do about it?

Well the first place to go is to stop listening, recently Vogue posted an article talking about why we should ignore the fashion rules, I loved this article, everything is in fashion now, so wear what makes you happy. Secondly, don’t buy a product that implies or tells you that you’re doing it wrong/wearing it wrong/ eating the wrong things etc. I loved WW because it gave me a points value for my food and I decided if I should eat it or not, if you have a coach who told you that you weren’t allowed to eat something they were doing it wrong, not you. (Oh the irony…). Perhaps what we need to do is take some responsibility for ourselves, if we acknowledge what we are doing, what we want to be doing and how we want to do it, instead of looking for others to point us in the right direction, these advertising methods won’t last and they’ll fade into obscurity.

So first big change of 2019, when you’re judging someone for their choices, their outfit, their music tastes etc, ask yourself if it’s even your business. Remind yourself that you don’t want to be dictated to, so don’t do it to others. It’s not hard to think about the words that come out of your mouth before you speak, but it should be a rule of thumb, both for the every day people, and the advertisers.

Please guys, stop telling us we’re doing it wrong.

Published by Michelle Quinton

Mum, wife, perpetual student, freelance writer, weight loss coach, artist and occasionally model. I love to try new things, I love to write and I love studying and researching. Never thought I'd see the day that studying became something I enjoyed, but here we are. My blog is where I put my thoughts, I also plan to start a blog of short stories, with a new prompt for each story.

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